Welcome to the Columbus Nesties community page

Welcome to the community page of the Columbus Nesties!

We are a group of women loosely located in central Ohio who met largely while planning weddings through theKnot.com. We shared vendor references, planning tips and ideas, and developed a community of our own.

Now we meet regularly for bookclubs, get-togethers (gtg's), mommy playdates, and various other events planned by our members.

To date we have over 300 members on our forums, where we talk daily about day-to-day life and anything that comes to mind.

If you are already a Cbus Nestie (CBN), thank you for your participation and contribution to our large and friendly community!

If you are someone who is looking for a network of women in the Columbus area to meet and get to know, or to find personal references, please come check us out and introduce yourself!

Dog Days of Dublin

Dog Days of Summer: High Street in Old Dublin...restaurants and stores featuring events for families and their Pups (ie Pints with your Pup at Dublin Tavern and Pics with your Pup near Dominoes).

PAWS, is bringing several adoptable dogs and puppies to Dublins "Dog Days of Summer". We will be set up near Brazenhead at MJs Candy Bar (which is a very cool candy shop...might want to check it out!), and across from the Dublin Tavern at 55 S. High St. Dublin.

This event is all about helping save some awesome dogs. We are 100% volunteer-based and we need to have these event to pay the vet bills and feed the dogs. All dogs are in foster homes until they find a forever home. The event is to spread the word about homeless dogs and to raise money for PAWS.



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